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Finding the Motivation to Do Well in School

Finding the Motivation to Do Well in School

Finding the Motivation to Do Well in School

Getting good grades in school can only be achieved if you put in a lot of effort to study. However, the amount of effort that students put in is largely determined by how motivated you are. To be motivated, you need to find your individual source of motivation.

In this article, I am going to share on the possible sources of motivation for you to discover.


1. Relationships

Students want to do well because they care for the people around them which can include your parents, siblings and friends. You may want to do well because your parents have certain expectations of you and you do not want to disappoint them. Doing well in your studies may also offer you the opportunity to secure a good job and provide a better quality of life for your family.


2. School

You may have a certain school of your choice that you would like to enrol whether it is a secondary school or polytechnic or junior college or university. The reasons for entering that particular school could be due to the school having an excellent track record or you think that you fit into the school’s culture. Whatever it is, having your ideal choice of school in mind to enrol will be another source of motivation for you to do well.


3. Friends

Friends play an instrumental role in our growing up years and believe that some of you would agree that the choice of school may be influenced by the school chosen by your bffs. So for some of you who would like to stick with your good friends who happen to do well in their studies and are aiming for the schools that have good academic track record, that will be your motivation to join them in those schools!


4. Finances

There is no need to feel ashamed if the primary motivation for wanting to score good grades is because you want to earn more money. Many of the students strive to do well in school because of wanting to earn more money when they grow up. If that can motivate you to work hard, go for it!


5. Personal Interest

Having an interest in something often drives one to channel their energy in pursing their interest. Many will agree that we find time passes away so quickly when we are doing something that we are interested in. Hence, if you can find a course of study or subject that you are interested in and pursue it, that will definitely help in securing good grades.


See which of the sources of motivation speak to you and with that source of motivation in mind, chart out your goals and work towards it!

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