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Which age group is coaching suitable for?

Students who are aged 15 and above would be most suitable to sign up for the coaching sessions as the coaching sessions require students to have some degree of maturity in their thought processes.


I am not sure if I should sign my child up for the coaching sessions. What are the criteria that I should bear in mind to decide if I should sign my child up for the sessions?

The criteria should include the following:

  • Students who are aged 15 and above
  • Have a desire to do well in exams but are unsure where to begin despite working hard and enrolling for tuition classes
  • Parents and children who are receptive to new ideas of achieving academic performance
  • Parents and children who are able to listen


Why doesn’t tuition help my child in getting good grades?

When tuition does not yield the desired results, some parents tend to attribute it to the tutor’s ability or externalize the reason to something that isn’t related to the child. That could be true at times but in reality, students and tutors share the responsibility of achieving good academic performance. (Click on Academic Performance and Learning Model to learn more about the roles that students and tutors play in each phase of the model)


What are the key differences between the coaching programme offered by us and the other coaching programmes in the market?

The coaching programme offered by StudentCoach focuses on academic performance as the anchor and through the coaching sessions, uncover specific issues behind the poor performance and relevant interventions are customized and designed to address those issues.  Other coaching programmes in the market do not start off with academic performance as the anchor and students end up trying to work on many generalised interventions which may drain the students’ energy and also some of them do not speak to the student’s specific needs.