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About Us

Our mission is to help students maximise their academic performance through the coaching practice

StudentCoach works with students to identify issues and formulate effective interventions to help students improve their grades. It is especially suitable for those who students who aren’t able to improve their grades much despite their hard work and going for tuition lessons. We give students the power to identify and own their issues through coaching conversations.



Unleashing students’ hidden potential and discovering new possibilities

Most parents and students think that doing well in school is attributed to two main factors: putting in hard work and going for tuition classes. This is because putting in more effort and going for tuition classes are the most frequently used and common methods that are deemed to be effective for improving poor grades. Indeed, we do see that many students improve their results after working hard and going for tuition but am sure we also witness many other students who failed to improve their grades despite their hard work and attending tuition classes. Why is this so? The explanation is pretty simple. There could be many other reasons to explain for the sub-optimal performance by students which could include issues related to lack of motivation, time management issues, studying method, exam anxiety, just to name a few.

StudentCoach works with students to jointly uncover the root causes which hinder the performance through coaching which involves the asking of powerful questions and empowering the students to own and name their issues in the process. Coaching has been widely practised in organisations to help employees address issues and often serve as an intervention for leadership development. The intent of StudentCoach is to transfer the practice of coaching to the academic field and practise coaching in service of the students.

Our Coach

The Backstory

It all began in 2012. Victor’s wife decided to resign from MOE and start her own tuition practice for JC students. Knowing that his wife’s preference is to focus all her energy on teaching, Victor decided to help his wife with the marketing and operation related duties on top of his job as a Learning & Development and Organisation Development practitioner.

Being a close couple who talks and shares with each other on work and personal matters, his wife often shares on how some of her students still struggle with doing well for their exams despite working hard and enrolling for tuition classes. Knowing deep down that the formula to academic success goes beyond working hard and enrolling for tuition classes, Victor decided to use his OD experience to help his wife’ students maximize their academic performance.

Drawing back on his experience in coaching managers on their leadership development issues, Victor decided to apply the practice of coaching to his wife’s students. Victor’s wife identified her students who could benefit from coaching and he worked with them to jointly identify the issues discovered through the coaching conversations with the students. Seeing the shifts made by the students is truly gratifying for Victor who finds it fulfilling to play a role in shaping their life journey.   

Professional Background

Mr Victor Kuah is an experienced practitioner in the areas of Learning & Development and Organisation Development with more than 12 years of experience influencing learning outcomes through learning design, facilitation and the understanding of human behaviours. He is experienced in facilitating programmes for OD practitioners and leadership development programmes. In the leadership space, he has facilitated Action Learning Sets that are designed to help managers work with their leadership challenges and help managers learn from one another in small groups.

In the area of coaching, he has attended coaching programmes offered by Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a leading player in coaching. He has experience in coaching managers and professionals at the workplace. Seeing the struggles that student face in improving their results despite working hard and enrolling for tuition classes, he has transferred the practice of coaching to the academic field and helped to coach students to address their issues.

Victor is certified in the MBTI and FIRO-B instruments, psychometric instruments that help people understand more about themselves.  He holds a Graduate Diploma in Organisation Development and a NTL Organisation Development Certificate.