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Victor is a competent coach who helped me sort out my issues during my JC days. I was a JC 1 student and was worried about whether I could be promoted to J2. I got into the school through the DSA scheme and it was really tough representing school and coping with my studies at the same time. I have very little time to study as my parents have enrolled me for tuition in all subjects to help me improve my grades. However, tuition didn’t help at all as I had too much stuff competing for my time. During my mid-year exams, I did very badly for most subjects and my parents approached Victor for help. During the coaching conversation, it was clear that the goal was to achieve promotion to JC 2 by meeting the minimum requirements needed for advancement. The current situation was that I did badly for most subjects except for two subjects which I have a slight flair for. I didn’t have time as I had too many tuition classes in addition to my school and CCA. Hence, I didn’t have any time left to study. Through the effective use of questions during the coaching conversation, Victor helped me to become clearer about the situation and the different options. I decided to quit tuition for some subjects and focus on the subjects that I have shown potential to increase my likelihood of achieving promotion. For the other subjects, I decided to play catch up during school holidays. All thanks to Victor’s coaching, I managed to secure promotion to JC2.

S.S Lim, Raffles Institution



I first got to know Victor through a friend of mine when I needed help on my A levels journey. It was a tough two years in school as I have been subjected to bullying and was getting psychiatric help. I was given medical leave to spend time away from school so that my condition can improve. My condition gradually improved but i still did not want to go to school for fear of being bullied. I was wondering if I should skip A levels to avoid going to school but yet I also wanted to finish my studies quickly to help contribute to the family income. As I was at a loss, I decided to approach Victor for help and the coaching conversation began. Under Victor’s guidance, it was clear that my goal was to enter the workforce as quickly as possible due to my financial situation. The current situation was that despite the tough patch I had been through, my results were still pretty good. Also, I just needed to go to school for one more month before the A levels begin which is a relatively short time in the greater scheme of things. The bullies have also been dealt with and are now repentant. After working through the different options, I decided to take her A levels and managed to progress to university. Victor is a good coach whose effective questioning got me to be clearer about my issue and guided me on the action steps to resolve the situation. I would recommend him to others who need guidance on their academic life.

Chrystal L, Hwa Chong Institution



Victor helped me a lot through his coaching guidance during my challenging times in JC. I would think I am a hardworking student and also have a positive learning attitude. However, despite my best efforts, my results have been below expectations and I felt discouraged. I didn’t know what I can do to further improve my grade and was very concerned that I won’t do well for my A levels. Hence, I approached Victor for help and the coaching conversation began. During the conversation, it was clear that my goal was to achieve at least a B grade for her Chemistry. The current situation was I am flunking all my papers despite working very hard. In my conversation with Victor, it was clear that the issue was my studying approach. I was unable to remember the content needed to answer the questions as I referred to my notes all the time while working on the questions. As a result, during exam conditions, I was unable to recall the content needed to answer the questions and hence did badly. After working through the different options, I decided I will remember the content thoroughly for each topic before attempting the questions. The change in studying approach has made a great improvement and helped me achieved a B grade for my mid-year exam. Thank you Victor for your help.

Sean K, Temasek Junior College