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6 Tips to Achieve Better Concentration When Studying

6 Tips to Achieve Better Concentration When Studying

6 Tips to Achieve Better Concentration When Studying

Do you find it hard to concentrate while studying? You are not alone. Most students find it hard to focus given the many distractions that we have such as social media, online gaming, Netflix, texting over the phone, etc.

In this article, I am going to share 6 tips that can help you focus better when studying.

1. Limit your distractions

Studying is already hard enough and when distractions come into play, it gets even more challenging. To achieve better concentration, you need to know what are the things that distract you and steer clear away from them as much as possible. Some of the common distractions include your handphone that has this immense power to glue you to it whether it is checking out the latest updates on social media or exchanging messages with friends or catching the latest shows on Netflix. Another common distraction is the presence of your bed. It looks so comfortable that in one moment you find yourself getting out of your study chair and plonking yourself onto the comfortable bed. You can try the following:

  • Put away your phone or pass it to someone you trust so that you can’t lay your hands on it.
  • If sleeping is a big temptation, don’t study in your bedroom and go out to a library where there are simply no beds.

The golden rule is to make sure that you remove the distractions or create as much difficulty as possible in accessing the distractions.


2. Do not multitask

Multitasking impedes concentration and results in lower productivity. You must learn to form a habit of not multitasking when you are studying.


3. Set a start and end time for each day

You may think that setting a start and end time for each day that you are studying may be seen as overly rigid or structured. Unlike engaging in your favorite activity such as catching Netflix, online gaming, etc where you can spend countless hours on it, most of you will not consider studying as your favorite activity. Hence, setting a start and end time for each of your study day will give you something to look forward as you reach the end time of each day and also provide some discipline in committing to your study time.


4. Reward yourself at the end of each study interval

You should set yourself a duration that is suitable for your attention span and commit to it as the duration for your study interval. At the completion of each study interval, you should reward yourself with a short break to do what you like to do for e.g. checking out your social media, watching netlflix or youtube, etc


5. Use your phone camera or webcam to record yourself studying

To ensure the discipline and commitment to studying, you should instil some form of accountability that will remind you of your commitment to studying. You can do a video recording using your handphone or webcam and share it with someone who can hold you accountable to it. The person can be your good friend who wants to see you do well or parents or even your tutors. The important thing is that the person you have chosen must take you to task.


6. Create an ideal study environment

You should try to find out what is your ideal study environment that will be conducive for you when studying. Factors such as good lighting, comfortable and quiet space, having a clear desk and cool temperature are things that you should take note of when creating an ideal study environment. Having said that, everyone is different in terms of what they want as the ideal study environment. Hence, what works for one may not work for the other person.


Hope that the tips provided above can help you concentrate better! Good luck for your studies!

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