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5 Types of Mistakes Students Commonly Make

5 Types of Mistakes Students Commonly Make

5 Types of Mistakes Students Commonly Make

After getting the results from a test or exam, do you review the paper and analyse the mistakes that caused you to lose marks? My guess is that most students don’t do that and hence missed out on a golden opportunity to identify the root cause behind the mistakes to do better the next time round.

There are five main types of mistakes that student commonly make during exams.


1. Did not study

Students lose marks simply because they did not study for the test/exam. The simple way to address this is to put in more effort or time to study for the chapters covered in the exam.


2. Unable to understand

You may have gone through the chapters for the exam but skipped the content which you didn’t quite understand and just merely memorized it. Hence, when the questions in the exam are meant to test for understanding, you feel stuck when attempting them. To address this, you have to conscientiously ask yourself if you are able to understand the rationale behind the content. To test if you truly understand the concept, try explaining it to another friend and if your friend understands your explanation, it shows that you have clearly understood.


3. Unable to remember

If you lose marks because you were not able to remember what you studied, besides putting in more time and effort to study, you will need to use different memory techniques to help you better remember the content. Some of the techniques include using spaced repetition over different days in a week, abbreviations linking to a term or visual, etc.


4. Cannot Apply

Application is a higher-level task than understanding and remembering in the process of learning. If you are unable to apply, it could be because you have not understood or remembered your content. If you have understood and remembered your content, it means that you have not practiced enough to tackle all the possible questions that come your way. The solution is to try as many past year papers as possible so that you are exposed to the different types of questions.


5. Being careless

To lose marks due to carelessness is really wasteful. To address this, students need to allocate time to check through their answers. They should also make sure they read the questions carefully before attempting. To avoid being careless is to make sure that you don’t rush through the questions and the only way to do this is to practise more so that you will be able to solve the questions quickly and won’t need to rush through the questions which may result in careless mistakes being made.


Try this out and am sure you can do better for your next exam!

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